Major Semiconductor Company Places Order for n&k Gemini for EUV Photomask Measurements

n&k Technology Incorporated, a manufacturer of state-of-the-art OCD/scatterometry and thin film metrology systems, today announced that a major semiconductor company in the US has ordered the n&k Gemini for measurements of EUV photomasks.

The n&k Gemini is an ultra-high resolution scatterometer specifically designed for accurate and repeatable OCD measurements of depths, CDs and profiles of complex 2-D and 3-D structures, as well as thicknesses, and n and k spectra of multi-layer films pertaining to photomasks.

The n&k Gemini simultaneously measures polarized reflectance and transmittance over the entire DUV-Vis-NIR wavelength regime (from 190nm to 1000nm). The spot size for both reflectance and transmittance is 50 microns and analysis of these two quantities is based on Rigorous Coupled Wave Analysis (RCWA) for OCD combined with the Forouhi-Bloomer (F-B) Dispersion Equations for n and k. “The n&k Gemini’s unique optical design, which incorporates transmittance and reflectance, combined with the physically valid RCWA and F-B models, is a key element to successful measurements of EUV photomasks,” stated Dr. Rahim Forouhi, President and CEO of n&k Technology. “We are very pleased that this leading edge semiconductor manufacturer has chosen the n&k Gemini as a key component of its overall EUV endeavors,” Dr. Forouhi further commented.

n&k Technology, Inc. n&k Technology, Inc., Santa Clara, California, is a leading provider of advanced optical metrology tools for the semiconductor, MEMS, photomask, flat panel display, and data storage industries. The company’s ultra-high-resolution, ultra-high sensitivity optical metrology equipment is used for measurements of film thicknesses, n and k spectra, phase shift, depths, CDs, and profiles of 2-D and 3-D structures. The company’s core technology is based on DUV-Vis-NIR and/or DUV-Vis-Infrared broadband spectrophotometry with patented reflective optics, in conjunction with the Forouhi-Bloomer dispersion equations and Rigorous Coupled Wave Analysis. n&k Technology’s equipment, ranging from bench-top tools for R&D to fully automated systems for process control, is cost-effective, field-proven, production-worthy, fast, accurate, and non-destructive, facilitating increased productivity and improved yields.


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