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EUV Litho Honors EUV Technology with 'Outstanding Contribution Award'

EUV Litho honored EUV Technologies with the ‘Outstanding Contribution Award' at the International Workshop on Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Lithography 2012 hosted by EUV Litho.

The award was presented to EUV Technologies for its technological and intellectual accomplishments over the last fifteen years towards the development of EUV lithography infrastructure. According to Moore’s Law, the average number of transistors integrated on a chip will double every 18 months. The evolution of semiconductor technology in line with the advancement dictated by Moore’s Law is possible by advancement in EUV lithography.

The International Workshop on EUV lithography is hosted every year by EUV Litho based out of Austin in Texas. The objective of the workshop is to provide a forum for interaction between the leading players in the field of EUV lithography. This year’s workshop was conducted in early June in Maui in Hawaii. EUV Technology is considered to be the global leader in EUV Metrology tools. The company has been engineering and delivering products that encompass almost all the steps involved in the inspection process for EUV lithography. Customers of EUV Technologies are major semiconductor companies across the world such as SEMATECH, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and IMEC. Ivan Pollentier from IMEC spoke about EUV Technologies at the Awards ceremony and expressed his company’s appreciation of EUV Technologies’ designs that are a combination of creativity and logical thinking. He also said that the tool developed by the company also scores on user friendliness. Rupert Perera, the President of EUV Technology, accepted the award.


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