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Mentor Capital, Nanovega Ink LOI to Scale Up Nano-Scale Synthetic Antibodies Production

Mentor Capital, Inc. announced it has executed a Letter of Intent with Nanovega, Inc. for $6 million to fund the production scale up of its ultra-small synthetic antibodies. These nano-scale molecules are approximately one-tenth the size of most alternative cancer delivery bio-markers. The small size allows the nano-bodies to slip throughout solid tumors instead of piling up at the surface as is often currently encountered in cancer treatment.

Marek Malecki, MD, PhD, President of Nanovega, Inc., looks ahead, “We are enthusiastic about the financial support provided by Mentor Capital. With intellectual property protected [9 patents and applications] we look to scale up production of our unique synthetic antibodies.” The nano-bodies are already produced for use by outside researchers and designed for multiple diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

Mentor Capital CEO, Chester Billingsley, adds, “We are especially intrigued by Nanovega’s ability to tag cancer cells or fragments circulating in the blood with ultra-small metal atoms.” The metal nano-tags allow the cancer cells to be separated out using a magnetic field. The separated cancer cells may then be quickly grown and tested outside the body to predetermine the most effective chemotherapy to prescribe.

About Mentor Capital: By acquisition or stock purchase, Mentor Capital, Inc. seeks to invest in leading companies that reduce the cost of medical treatments, especially in the fight against cancer.


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