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WITec Introduces Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting Measurement Option, StrobeLock

At Pittcon 2013 WITec launches StrobeLock, a time-correlated single photon counting measurement option. The imaging modes include Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging and Time-resolved Luminescence Microscopy, which can be integrated with the WITec alpha300 and alpha500 microscope series.

WITec StrobeLock Instrument

StrobeLock facilitates the acquisition of additional material contrasts hidden in the time function of a fluorescence or luminescence signal and allows them to be perfectly linked with Raman, SNOM or AFM imaging. It enables a variety of measurement possibilities for an improved and more comprehensive understanding of a sample's properties and is specifically suited for materials science.

The modular design of the WITec microscopes facilitates user-friendly combination of the StrobeLock module with the WITec confocal microscope series. StrobeLock is comprised of a pulsed excitation laser system combined with a Time-Correlated Single-Photon Counting (TCSPC) detector. The possibility to switch between time-resolved and conventional mode enables the microscope user to conveniently choose the preferred measurement technique.

"StrobeLock complements the modular WITec microscope systems with customized solutions for the most accurate Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging and Time-Resolved Luminescence Microscopy." said Dr. Joachim Koenen, WITec co-founder and Managing Director "This exceptional development significantly extends the capabilities of the WITec microscope series and opens a new field of application for a more comprehensive sample characterization."


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