American Graphite Technologies Issues Corporate Update on its Project with CTI Nanotechnologies

American Graphite Technologies Inc. ("AGIN" or the "Company") and is pleased to issue a corporate update in regard to its project with CTI Nanotechnologies LLC ("CTI").

CTI reports that it has sent samples of its graphene paper to EMSL Analytical Inc. of Cinnaminson, New Jersey for BET (Brunauer-Emmett-Teller) surface area testing, imaging and Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA). DMA is useful for studying the viscoelastic behavior of materials. BET theory aims to explain the physical adsorption of gas molecules on a solid surface and serves as a basis for an important analysis technique for the measurement of the specific surface area of a material.

SEM (Scanning Electronic Microscopy) and TEM (Transmission Electronic Microscopy) imaging of the graphene/bucky papers will give insight into the layer structure. The surface area and DMA testing is an important step in the development of graphene/bucky papers geared toward specific applications. The surface area is important for electrodes in batteries, supercapacitors, sensors and high surface area catalysis. With this information CTI can refine their process and optimize the product for electronics applications. The DMA testing also will tell CTI the baseline tensile strength and modules of the graphene/bucky paper so CTI can engineer products for the composites and body armor applications.

CTI has advised that further testing of the graphene paper will include measuring the thermal transport properties which will allow them to optimize the graphene/bucky paper for heat sinks and heat dissipating applications.

AGIN will release the results as they are received.

About the American Graphite Technologies Inc. and CTI Technologies LLC Agreement

On January 25th, 2013, the Company announced it has entered into a strategic partnership with a private US company CTI Nanotechnologies LLC ("CTI") to further the development and commercialization of Graphene Paper. American Graphite has provided its initial funding as laid out in the agreement with CTI and will provide updates as they occur. CTI is working on the development and commercialization of Graphene Paper. The initial funding received by CTI from the Company will be used to acquire test and manufacturing equipment to enhance CTI's existing facility located in Vermont with the goal of developing a prototype production machine that makes Graphene Paper in larger and more affordable sizes than currently available.


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