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NanoViricides CEO Interviewed on Clear Channel's Business Talk Radio Show

NanoViricides, Inc. is a development stage company that is creating special purpose nanomaterials to destroy viruses in and on the body.

NanoViricides CEO Dr. Eugene Seymour

The Company today announced that Michael Yorba of Clear Channel's Business Talk Radio Show, The Traders Network, interviewed CEO Dr. Eugene Seymour live on December 19, 2013.

In this very informative one on one interview, Dr Seymour was asked about their platform technology to rapidly create anti-viral drugs and how it related to HIV/AIDS and other viral diseases. He explained the construction and function of their line-up of drugs all work on the same basic principle. A nanomicelle that is a 20 nanometer polymeric-based structure attached to a "mimic" of the receptor protein that sits on the host cell that is then used to lure the virus to the cell. For example; Influenza is a virus that causes the illness known at "flu." If you can at least control, or better yet, destroy the virus in the bloodstream, you can reverse the symptoms of the illness, allowing the patient to recover quickly.

He went on to explain that viruses only grow in cells and thus in order for the virus to reproduce, it must attach to and enter their unique host cell. In an effort to "fool" the virus into attaching to our nanoviricide, we place a "mimic" of the receptor protein found on the surface of the host cell of that particular virus on our nanomicelle, creating the nanoviricide. The nanoviricide then opens up, encapsulates and then destroys the virus. Once you understand this, you understand how all our drugs work.

Yorba asked, "How is your drug administered?"

For influenza, we plan an intravenous route of administration for seriously or critically ill hospitalized patients. For outpatients, we're planning to use a single dose oral liquid. For herpes of the eye, eye drops and for genital herpes, we plan to use an ointment. For HIV/AIDS, initially an intravenous loading dose.

At this point Dr. Seymour reminded listeners that they still need to do human trials, and would have much more information after those trials have been completed.

NanoViricides, Inc.'s achievements this past year was, receiving orphan drug designation from the European Union and the US FDA for DengueCide, their drug for Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever, and Dengue. Also starting construction of their high tech, state of the art nano-medicine anti-viral drug manufacturing plant, the only one in the US and possibly the entire world. Next year's plans include: finishing the plant, completing toxicology studies and submitting paperwork to FDA, while awaiting for permission to start human trials.


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