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Program of Expert Speakers Announces for International Symposium on Functional Nanomaterials

The International Symposium on Functional Nanomaterials in Industrial Applications, sponsored by Hosokawa Micron Ltd., has attracted a range of excellent speakers to the platform at The University of Central Lancashire, Preston.

Already drawing an appreciative audience to the Symposium and to take part in the dialogue relating to the functional nanomaterials exploitation plan for the future, the list of speakers is now confirmed.

To accompany the list of plenary and keynote speakers and details of their presentations delegates can click on links to view speaker profiles.

  • Plenary 1: Challenges in Nano-science using Computation and Synchrotron Radiation
    Prof. Richard Catlow, FRS, jointly with University College London & Cardiff University, UK

  • Plenary 2: Creation and Application of Advanced Functional Materials in Industry
    Mr. Iain Crosley, Managing Director, Hosokawa Micron Ltd., UK which is a part of  Hosokawa Micron Group

  • Plenary 3: Nano materials in Green Technology
    Prof. James Clark, Director of the Green Chemistry Centre, York University, UK

  • Plenary 4: Nano-catalysis
    Dr Simon Freakly will be delivering the talk on behalf of Prof. Graham Hutchings, FRS

Keynote Presentations

  • Keynote 1

    Theme: Nano-energy/environmental (NE-1)
    Title: Porous and nanostructured materials for Lithium Ion Batteries
    Prof. Andreas Stein, University of Minnesota, USA, Among 25 most cited Materials Scientists globally

  • Keynote 2

    Theme: Nano-energy/environmental (NE-2) on Water
    Title: Harnessing nanomaterials for clean water and energy generation
    Dr. Armin Volkel, Senior Scientist, Palo Alto Research Centre, USA

  • Keynote 3

    Theme: Nano-medicine (NM-1) under health
    Title: New biomimetic constructs to prolong in vivo the life span of iron-based MRI/MPI contrasting agents
    Prof. Mauro Magnani, University of Urbino, Italy

  • Keynote 4

    Theme: Nano-medicine (NM-3) under health
    Title: Evolution of nanoparticle based radiopharmaceuticals for radionuclide imaging
    Prof. Phil Blower, Head of Dept. of Imaging Chemistry and Biology, Kings College London, UK

  • Keynote 5

    Theme: Nano-medicine (NM-2) under diagnostics (TBC)
    Title: Nanoparticles based diagnostics for foodborne microorgasnisms
    Dr. Boris Oberheitmann, Managing Director and CEO, Q-bioanalytic GmbH, Germany

  • Keynote 6

    Theme: Nano-Catalysis and Green Technology (NC-1)
    Title: Nano Applications & its Industrialization: Nano Product Development & Research Overview of Tata Chemicals Innovation Centre, Pune, India
    Dr Debabrata Rautaray, Senior Scientist -Advance Materials & Green Chemistry Division at  Tata Innovation Centre, Tata Chemicals Ltd., Pune, India

  • Keynote 7

    Theme: Nano-Catalysis and Green Technology (NC-2) on catalysis
    Title: Metal-Carbon framework: through a control of catalyst synthesis at the molecular level
    Prof. Philippe Serp, France

  • Keynote 8

    Theme: Nano-Catalysis and Green Technology (NC-3)
    Title: How does your Nanoporous Crystal Grow?
    Prof. Micheal Anderson, Director of Centre for Nanoporous Materials, University of Manchester, UK

  • Keynote 9

    Theme: Nano-medicine (NM-3)
    Title: Safe and Sustainable Nanotechnology – using toxicology to benefit innovation and development
    Prof. Vicki Stone, Deputy Head of School / Director of Nanosafety / Prof of Toxicology, School of Life Sciences, Heriot Watt University, Scotland, UK

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