New Hybrid Nanopositioning Translation Stage from Physik Intrumente

PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P., a leading manufacturer of nanopositioning and precision motion-control equipment for nanotechnology, photonics, semiconductor and life science applications, offers the M-511.HD hybrid nanopositioning translation stage. The new hybrid system overcomes the limitations of conventional precision positioning systems by combing the well-known piezo-flexure-drive advantages of unlimited resolution & rapid response with the long travel ranges and high holding forces of a servo-motor / ballscrew arrangement.

Typical Applications

Nano-Metrology, Surface Inspection, Microscopy, Laser Technology, Interferometry

Features & Advantages

  • Combines Advantages of Piezo-Flexure Drives & DC-Servo / Ballscrew Drives
  • Long Travel Ranges to 100 mm
  • 4 Nanometer Linear Encoder Resolution
  • Reliable Execution of Nanometer Level Increments
  • Millisecond Settling Time to Nanometer Accuracy
  • Active Compensation of Stick/Slip During Startup and Settling
  • Active Backlash Compensation
  • Excellent Velocity Control
  • 100 kg Load Capacity
  • High Holding Forces with Minimum Power Consumption

Hybrid Controller Technology is Key to Success

The highly specialized C-702 Hybrid Nanopositioning Controller reads the stage position from an integrated, 4 nm resolution linear encoder and continuously actuates both the piezoelectric and servo motor drives in a way to provide the best possible overall performance. Due to its high stiffness and instantaneous, sub-millisecond response, the integrated piezo flexure drive provides active stick/slip compensation during startup and settling. It also improves velocity control and is the key to achieving consistent and repeatable nanometer level positioning increments.

Never Miss a Count: Novel High-Bandwidth Encoder Interface

The C-702 Hybrid controller is equipped with a novel, high-speed encoder interface and can handle encoder count rates of 100 million pulses per second, without missing a single count. Thanks to its real-time operating system, the intricacies of the hybrid drive are completely transparent to the user. Interface to the host computer is via TCP/IP or RS-232; this interface makes it possible to operate and monitor the system over any TCP/IP-compatible network (intranet/internet).

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