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STMicroelectronics Announces New Accelerometer

STMicroelectronics has announced a new power- and cost-optimized solution extending its family of ultra-compact ‘low-g’ linear accelerometers. The tiny, low-power MEMS device provides precise acceleration values in all three dimensions, meeting the booming demand for miniaturized motion-sensing solutions in portable electronic devices.

The analog-output LIS302ALK provides individual acceleration values for all three (x, y, z) axes. The sensor is housed in a 5 x 3 x 0.9 mm plastic package to fit in a variety of space-constrained applications and its ultra-compact robust design provides shock survivability up to 10,000g in 0.1 msec.

The new sensor offers a full-scale output range of +/-2.0g and it is suitable for low-frequency vibration monitoring at very low power consumption .It incorporates a power-down mode to reach 1uA supply current and built-in self-test capability that allows the customer to verify the functioning of the sensor after it has been assembled on board.

The LIS302ALK uses ST’s ECOPACK lead-free technology for RoHS-compliance (the EU’s Restriction on Use of Hazardous Substances Directive).

ST’s family of LIS302 MEMS motion sensors delivers flexibility in terms of output signals and sensitivity, addressing different system needs and hardware characteristics in a wide range of low-g applications. Areas of use include free-fall detection for data-integrity protection in hard-disk drives, vibration monitoring and compensation, damage prevention, remote control, as well as motion user interfaces in mobile and gaming devices.

ST’s LIS302 family of motion sensors can also be used to manage power consumption of products that need to be powered on (or off) while or after they have been touched or moved. For example, motion sensors can activate a remote control when someone picks it up, controlling the overall power consumption of the circuitry. In medical applications, the sensors can be used to monitor motion or detect the position/activity level of patients.

The MEMS market is one of the most exciting segments of the semiconductor industry, forecast to grow at around 50% over the next five years, heading towards $10 billion by 2010.*


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