Imago Release New Family of Atom Probe Microscopes

Imago Scientific Instruments®, the world’s leading provider of atom probe microscopes, announced today the release of its new LEAP HR family of microscopes for a wide range of materials research applications. The “HR” designates that the product offers best in class High (mass) Resolution enabling the analysis of individual atoms to be performed with unprecedented compositional accuracy in voltage pulse mode. The LEAP 3000 HR configuration provides the best voltage pulse mass resolution ever offered on a commercial atom probe. The LEAP 3000X HR configuration includes laser based atom probe capability in addition to voltage pulsing. This capability, combined with the large Field Of View makes the HR the perfect choice for material science research particularly for metallurgy and other advanced materials applications. The LEAP HR is the latest atom probe solution from Imago and compliments the LEAP 3000X Si™ product family which was developed for and is targeted at semiconductor and microelectronics applications.

Imago’s LEAP® technology allows materials-research scientists to analyze specimens in three dimensions with near atomic resolution and compositional imaging, offering key insights into how a material’s atomic structure affects its mechanical, electrical and magnetic properties.

Jason Schneir, Ph.D., Imago’s Senior Director of Product Management, commented, “Imago’s LEAP family of atom probe microscopes offer best in class Field Of View, data rate, microtip based sample preparation, with rapid time to results. The HR model is targeted at researchers who require the ultimate in voltage pulse mode mass resolution. For researchers analyzing next-generation steel, aluminum, and superalloy materials, the new system is absolutely revolutionary.”

Professor Alfred Cerezo of Oxford University’s Department of Materials, commented, “The LEAP 3000X HR is the clear choice for our multi user facility because it combines excellent mass resolution, laser pulsing capability, and high throughput in one machine. Imago already set the standard for rapid analysis of significant volumes of material, and the HR upgrade now gives us the highest available mass resolution for studies of engineering alloys.”

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