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Dyesol Releases a Range of DSC Fabrication and Test Equipment for Laboratory and Prototyping

Dyesol has released for sale a range of Dye Solar Cell (DSC) fabrication and test equipments for laboratory and prototyping known as the Dyesol DSC Laboratory Solution.  The equipments are all available from the Dyesol e-commerce website at Dyesol Equipment. The DSC equipment suite encompasses essential tools for every stage of the DSC fabrication, testing and performance analysis process.

Because DSC is a relatively new field, much of the equipment required for efficient laboratory and small-scale module manufacturing simply did not exist when DSC research efforts began. Many laboratories now entering the field cannot immediately access appropriate equipment set up for DSC. Consequently, in the process of refining manufacturing techniques to enable fabrication of reproducible laboratory samples, Dyesol developed its own equipment, tooling and jigs. Over the years the founders of Dyesol also engineered labour and time saving automation of some steps and processes in DSC fabrication and testing.

The Dyesol equipment suite has proved itself and served reliably both in the laboratory and in small volume production for some years. It has now been refined to the point where Dyesol not only guarantees the efficacy of their DSC materials and processes, but now also guarantees their equipment suite.

Already, several international laboratories have purchased of committed to purchase Dyesol Equipment In June, Bangor and Swansea Universities in Wales acquired Dyesol testing equipments, including EPTS (Universal PV Testing System) and LSC (Long Term DSC Light Soaking Chamber).  Subsequently, Mahidol University in Bangkok purchased UPTS equipment and undertook capability training at Dyesol.  This week Dyesol has been informed by Universita Roma Dua Tor Vergata that the university intends to acquire a Laboratory Solution from Dyesol that will enable the university to have a complete DSC prototyping capability.

The equipments and associated training that comprise the Dyesol DSC Laboratory Solution are engineered to ensure that clients can reproducibly produce standardised DSC cells and, where desired, modules.  This enables researchers to be assured that the technology demonstrated is not only high performance but also reproducible and scalable to deliverable products.

“This addition to our commercial product range will greatly assist develop capacity at many of the institutional and corporate research labs that are interested in DSC and in purchase of materials,” Dyesol MD, Ms Sylvia Tulloch said. “While the DSC equipment suite should provide meaningful additional sales in their own right the real effect of making this equipment available will be to rapidly expand the DSC research and corporate community.”

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