LayTec Presents Results of On-Line Deposition Rate Measurements in Sputter Processes at ICTF 14

At the 14th International Conference on Thin Films (ICTF 14) in Belgium last week LayTec has presented the latest results of on-line deposition rate measurements in sputter processes. Dr. Steffen Uredat of LayTec reported on the application for magnetic storage systems and MRAM at SINGULUS Nano Deposition Technologies GmbH in Kahl, Germany. Dr. Berthold Ocker and his team at SINGULUS use a LayTec sensor to monitor the deposition rate of thick Al2O3 layers on Si for end-point detection in a newly developed sputter chamber with 10 x 8" substrates. Like all other LayTec products, the sensor also determines optical properties (R, n, k) and indicates surface roughness.

On-line deposition rate (red curve) and layer thickness (blue curve) measurements during deposition of Al2O3 for end-point detection of 30 ìm target thickness.

Dr. Uredat also presented results gained by monitoring of thin SiO2-SiNx-layer stacks for antireflection coatings deposited on glass by reactive sputtering at Fraunhofer Institute of Electron Beam and Plasma Technology (FEP) in Dresden, Germany. Unlike the commonly used quartz crystal monitors, LayTec's in-situ sensors measure directly on the thin-film surface and provide information about deposition rate and surface morphology on-line. In contrast to transmittance measurements, they are applicable for opaque substrates as well and need only one view-port.

For further information or a copy of Dr. Uredat's presentation please contact [email protected]

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