Real-Time Spray Particle/Droplet Size Distribution Measurement - Spraytec

Real-Time Spray Particle/Droplet Size Distribution Measurement - Spraytec

Malvern Instrument’s Spraytec laser diffraction system enables measurement of spray particle and spray droplet size distributions in real time for more effective product development of sprays and aerosols.

It has been designed specifically to address the unique requirements of spray characterization and offers robust, reproducible droplet size data.

The Malvern Spraytec uses laser diffraction for measuring the spray droplet size and spray particles. This is done by measuring the light intensity scattered as a laser beam passes through a spray. This data is then studied to determine the droplet size that created the scattering pattern.

Key Features

The key features of the Malvern Spraytec are:

  • Measurement across a wide size range (0.1 – 2000µm) without requiring constant optics changes.
  • Rapid changes in droplet size can be resolved over time, by measuring up to 10,000 measurements a second.
  • Delivers accurate, concentration-independent results using a patented multiple scattering analysis.
  • Characterizes wide spray plumes without risking optical contamination.
  • Simply reveal the dynamic changes in spray particle size through its unique size history analysis software.

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