Microfluidics - Devices and Systems Videos

Microfluidics - Devices and Systems Videos
Dolomite is the world leader in microfluidics pioneering the use of microfluidic devices for small-scale fluid control and analysis. Its professional team of engineers offers extensive experience in combining micro-engineering technology with traditional material processing and glass manufacturing. The following video gives you an insight into Dolomite’s philosophy, facilities and capabilities.
This video shows the demonstration of the micro droplet system from Dolomite.
Lab on a chip has found many applications in biological and chemical analysis. Because these labs on chips involve handling of fluids at the microscale, surface tension profoundly affects the behavior and performance of these systems.
This short video shows how controlled monodispersed droplets are created using a microfluidic device from Dolomite. You will see that not only are the droplets of uniform size, but also the flow rate is also constant.
This demonstration shows the flexibility of Dolomite microfluidic systems. You will see how they can be used to produce a steady stream of monodispersed droplets, how the they can rapidly change the size of droplets being generated, how they can be used to generate Janus particles and how they can be used to produce two droplet streams.
The creation of monodispersed droplets at contolled flow rates using microfluidic devices from Dolomite is demonstrated. Droplets can be created consisting of one and two components and their size controlled using fluid flow rates. A complete range of solutions for microfluidics are displayed including microfluidic chips and pumps.