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Atomic Force Microscope for the Nanoscale - NX12

The Park NX12 serves a wide range of practical applications, including PinPoint™ in-liquid and nanomechanical mapping, inverted optical microscopy to locate transparent samples, SICM for imaging ultra-soft samples, and enhanced vision to improve optics for transparent samples.

Comprehensive Force Spectroscopy Solution

The Park NX12 is perfect for multiple applications, providing a complete package for nanomechanical characterization in-liquid and in-air.


Modifying the Park NX12 is also easy, which makes it perfect for customization depending on specific laboratory requirements. Optional hardware and software add-ons can be added even after installation.

Built with Multi-User Facilities in Mind

Park NX12 was built from scratch with the goal of accommodating the needs of multi-user facilities. Other AFM solutions are not as versatile

in addressing the different needs of users in these facilities, which makes it hard to justify equipment costs. The Park NX12, on the other hand, is specifically built to

accommodate standard ambient AFM, in-liquid SPM, optical, and nano-optical imaging - making it one of the most flexible AFMs available.

A Modular Platform for Shared User Facilities

  • The Park NX12 is an AFM platform that has been specifically designed to address the needs of analytical and electrochemistry researchers, as well as other specialists working in shared-use facilities.
  • It provides a versatile solution for SPM-based characterization of chemical and electrochemical properties and surface characterization in both air and
  • media, for a broad range of opaque and transparent materials.
  • The Park NX12 is user-friendly and can be applied in pipette-based SPM techniques, with broad visual optical access to the scanning probe.
  • The Park NX12 is reasonably-priced and its accuracy is unprecedented, making it the perfect platform for facilities with multiple users, and for researchers in the early stage of their careers.

Atomic Force Microscope for the Nanoscale - NX12

Multiple Applications
Comprehensive Force Spectroscopy Solution

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