Park NX7: AFM with Flexible Sample Handling

Park Systems’ Park NX7 offers all the cutting-edge technologies that customers have come to expect at a price the lab can afford. NX7 enables users to complete their study on time and within a budget as it was created with the same level of care as the more sophisticated models.

Accurate XY Scan by Crosstalk Elimination

  • Two independent, closed-loop XY and Z flexure scanners
  • Flat and orthogonal XY scan with low residual bow
  • Accurate height measurements without the need for software processing

The Most Extensible AFM Solution

  • The most comprehensive range of SPM modes
  • Advanced nanomechanical measurement modes are supported as default enabled by NX electronic controller
  • The best option for compatibility and upgradeability in the industry

User Experience-Driven Software and Hardware Features

  • Open-side access for easy sample or tip exchange
  • Easy, intuitive laser alignment with pre-aligned tip mount
  • Park SmartScan™ - AFM operating software that is sufficiently flexible to enable both new and advanced users to conduct excellent nanoscale research

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