Park NX-Hivac - AFM for Failure Analysis Under High Vacuum

The NX-Hivac AFM from Park Systems enables high-vacuum Scanning Spreading Resistance Microscopy (SSRM) for high-sensitivity measurements in failure analysis applications.

High-vacuum SSRM measurements can reduce the interaction force between the tip and the sample compared to conventional atomic force microscopy, which enables improved spatial resolution and signal to noise ration for more accurate results. The lifetime of each tip is also significantly extended, reducing operational costs.

The NX-Hivac includes several software automation tools, making the instrument incredibly efficient and easy to use. These include:

  • Park Hivac Manager for auto vacuum control

  • StepScan Automation with motorized stage, for programmable imaging of multiple regions.

  • Motorized laser alignment to ensure the laser and cantilever tip are always aligned without user input.

The NX-Hivac has two independent closed-loop XY and Z flexure scanners for the sample and probe tip, ensuring high accuracy scans. The NX-Hivac offers flat and orthogonal XY scanning with low residual bow, offering out of plane motion less than 1 nm over the entire scan range.

The NX-Hivac also features a rapid Z scanner with a 15 μm scan range and Z scanner non-linearity is less than 0.5%. This provides accurate 2D and 3D measurements with no need for software processing.

Park NX-Hivac - High vacuum atomic force microscope (AFM) for failure analysis

The Park NX-Hivac is a highly accurate, high-performance AFM, with many features for enhanced ease-of-use and productivity.

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