Park FX40: Automatic AFM

Obtain measurements and images with the sharpest, clearest, and finest quality across a range of applications with the Park FX40. By automatically scanning and collecting data using its artificial intelligence, robotics, and machine learning capacity, users can accelerate development and scientific discoveries with unparalleled speed and precision when using Park FX40.

Park FX40 Introduction | A Groundbreaking New Class of Atomic Force Microscope

Video Credit: Park Systems

One Nanostep for Microscopy, One Giant Leap for Science

Sail Through the Research and Development

Park FX40 is the first dual-camera setup ever used in AFM research — automation using machine learning and continuously updated data.

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The Most Intelligent AFM Ever Experienced with AI Robotics Technology

Park FX40 automatically changes and replaces its own tips at the click of a button, preventing contamination and user-related errors. Options for tips are presented to operators, including the type, model, application, and use.

Auto Probe Exchange

Users can now simply and securely replace old probes in full automation with the automated probe exchange. Harnessing the convenience of an 8-probe cassette and a magnetic controlled mechanism, the Park FX40 autonomously mounts the probes.

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Auto Probe Reading

The newly loaded probe’s chip carrier has a QR code imprinted on it. The Probe Identification Camera analyses this code, extracts all the relevant data from each of the tips, and then displays it. This data includes the type, model, application, and usage of each tip. Users can choose the ideal probe tip for each task using this.

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Auto Beam Alignment

Automatic beam alignment positions the laser beam onto the proper location of a cantilever and further optimizes the PSPD position vertically and laterally. It shifts the X, Y, and Z axis for clearer images autonomously at the click of a button without distortion.

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Automatic Probe Pairing to Sample Locations

Sample Camera

With the storage capacity for up to four samples simultaneously on the chuck, the sample camera effortlessly locates the most relevant spot for scanning.

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Probe Identification Camera

The probe identification camera finds appropriate tools for the job, with the help of the probe identification camera. It obtains information about each accessible tip, including its type, model, application, and usage. Then, at the click of a button, it chooses the user’s probe.

Video Credit: Park Systems

Get Smarter with Machine Learning

Automated probe positioning detection is done by Park FX40 using machine learning. Smart vision goes a step further by pinpointing the location of a loaded probe at the nanoscale and, if necessary, generating error status reports.

It then instantly compares this information to tens of thousands of potential simulated issues that are updated regularly through software updates.

The Fastest and the Most Accurate, Scanning Mode in Atomic Force Microscopy

At the sub-nanometer scale, the true non-contact mode enables unparalleled control over tip-sample distance. The Park FX40 is the only AFM on the market with a true non-contact mode that is quicker and more precise.

Park FX40: Automatic AFM

Image Credit Park Systems

Safety Features

Safety Probe Landing – Maximizing to Protect the Sample

The AFM scanner and the new tip are protected from crashes using a hardware switch and software interlock. Users can feel more secure knowing that both the sample and the AFM are safe. The algorithmic programming prevents the Z stage from lowering any farther than the point at which the tip would physically collide with the sample surface.

Park FX40: Automatic AFM

Image Credit Park Systems

Environmental Sensors

SmartScan displays and stores measurements from sensors, which measure essential environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, leveling, and vibration. Due to the ability to compare scanned images with other environmental channels, additional environmental indicators for system diagnostics are now available.

Park FX40: Automatic AFM

Image Credit Park Systems

Safety Probe Pickup

As users can use either the automatic or manual tip-loading feature, built-in robotics and a machine-learning algorithm detect and warn users about incorrectly placed probes. During probe loading, users can also access multiple error status reports to ensure users have the best level of accuracy.

Park FX40: Automatic AFM

Image Credit Park Systems

The Most Intelligent Operating Software-Park SmartScan for FX

Start to Finish with Three Clicks of Park SmartScan

Video Credit: Park Systems

1. Setup, Auto Setting

It performs all user setups, such as changing the probe and aligning the laser for imaging.

Video Credit: Park Systems

2. Position, Sample Navigation

It automatically moves the Z-stage toward the sample and does a frequency sweep for the cantilever. With its additional sample camera, the Park FX40 makes it easy for users to navigate for scanning an area of interest.

Video Credit: Park Systems

3. Image - Dynamic Scanning

The system engages the cantilever, establishes all the parameters required for ideal scanning, and then begins scanning the sample. It keeps scanning until the image is captured and completed to the best of its ability.

Park FX40 Specs

XY Scanner

  • Structure
    • Single-module, parallel-kinematic 2D flexure scanner
    • Better symmetry than serial-kinematic flexure scanner
  • XY scan range
    • 100 µm x 100 µm

Z Scanner

  • Structure
    • Flexure-guided high-force scanner
    • Better symmetry than serial-kinematic flexure scanner
  • Z scan range
    • 15 µm

Sample Mount

  • Mounting
    • Magnetic holder (Max. 4 sample discs)
    • FX Snap-in Sample Disk for Multi Snap-in Sample Chuck


  • Z stage travel range
    • 22 mm (Motorized)

Vision and Optics

  • Vision path
    • On-axis sample view from the top
    • The same view as an optical microscope
  • CCD
    • 5.1 M Pixel
    • Pixel size: 3.45 μm × 3.45 μm

AFM Controller

  • Lock-in amp
    • Four channels integrated DC-5 MHz


  • Probe exchange
    • Probe exchange in less than one minute using Automated Probe Exchange (No need to remove the head to exchange cantilevers)
  • Probe mount
    • Pre-aligned mount using chip carrier

Park FX40: Automatic AFM

Image Credit Park Systems

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