Nanoindentation Tester: Hit 300. Simple. Powerful.

Indentation testing for everyone

Hit 300 is a premium yet highly affordable nanoindentation instrument built for every user and every type of environment. The simplified interface is intuitive. Automation lets you run 600 measurements per hour, even while you’re away. Active anti-vibration damping ensures accuracy in all environments, while a unique laser-targeting system delivers <1 mm accuracy when targeting the sample. Start-up takes 15 min, and you go from training to results in 1 hour. Hit 300 – a delightful fusion of simplicity and power.

Key features

  • A premium nanoindentation instrument for less than half the price of comparable instruments
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Laser targeting of the sample with an accuracy of <1 mm
  • Up to 600 measurements/h with automated indentation arrays
  • Accurate measurements in every environment, from labs to production facilities, thanks to active anti-vibration damping
  • 3-year warranty with zero mandatory maintenance
  • Optional video camera to visualize the measured area
  • Optional education package including theoretical basics, typical samples (fused silica, copper, DLC, PMMA), and measurement procedures/parameters

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