Negative-Stiffness Isolators from Minus K Technology

This video shows Erik Runge, Director of Engineering at Minus K Technology, who provides detailed overview of Minus K’s vibration isolators. Minus K Technology was established in 1993. The vibration isolators developed at Minus K are passive, benchtop isolators that offer better performance than the typical air tables and active systems as they employ simple physics and do not use air or electricity. Minus K’s isolators start attenuating vibrations more quickly and also reach higher levels of attenuation than other products. They are capable of providing repeated data at any time of the day. Minus K’s vibration isolators can also solve very low frequency problems, and can handle a few ounces of payload as well as payloads that weigh many tones. Minus K Technology was selected to provide ground-based test isolators for James Webb Space Telescope. The Cubic isolator from Minus K is the smallest isolator in horizontal foot print yet the most compact and payload dense isolator. There are isolators aimed at small atomic force microscopes that need a high level of vibration isolation. Minus K Technology also provides isolators for large inverted optical microscopes, AFMs etc. Some Minus K isolators look like air tables but do not use air or electricity.

Run Time –  7:56min

Vibration Isolation | An introduction to Minus K Technology's negative-stiffness isolators

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