Agar Announces Availability of Latest Kleindiek Nanotechnik's in-Situ Lift-Out System Brochure

Agar Scientific, a leading international supplier of consumables, accessories and specialist equipment for all areas of microscopy, announces the latest technical data is now available on Kleindiek's in-situ lift-out (INLO) shuttle.

Kleindiek’s lift-out shuttle available from Agar

In-situ lift-out techniques have become more reliable methods for preparation of samples requiring TEM and atom probe inspection. However, despite their new-found popularity, they remain considerably more expensive than ex-situ lift-out techniques and require valuable time on the FIB. These time and cost factors produced the need for a faster, simpler procedure without reducing the reliability of the technique. Kleindiek Nanotechnik's answer to this problem is the Lift-out Shuttle, a simple and efficient tool which offers the benefits of decreased cost, increased sample throughput, reduced FIB time and reliable results.

The Lift-out Shuttle has a diameter of 50mm and is compatible with the loadlock systems of most makes of SEM and FIB. When used with Kleindiek's SEM-compatible glue, the Lift-out Shuttle removes the need for gas precursors and sample contamination, such as that associated with ion beam induced deposition (IBID) techniques, is eliminated.

Operation is extremely straightforward. The lift-out shuttle contains a microgripper which is used to first contact and then securely hold the pre-cut sample. This then allows the sample to be easily freed from the bulk material by simply dropping the substage. This can all be carried out ex situ with the help of a light microscope. The whole assembly is then transferred to the vacuum ready SEM or FIB via the loadlock. The sample can now be attached to a holder (e.g. a TEM grid) using vacuum compatible adhesive (SEMGLU) which is hardened under the electron beam. These steps may be repeated for multiple samples without breaking vacuum.

More details including excellent images illustrating Kleindiek's INLO technique are now available from Agar.

Agar supplies one of the broadest ranges of accessories and consumables for microscopy. The complete range is available in either electronic or printed-catalogue form. To receive your copy, please visit and register today.

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