Keithley Instruments Presents Nanotechnology Webinars on CDs

Keithley Instruments has introduced compact discs (CD) that provide all the information obtained from its nanotechnology-focused webinars and tutorials.

The webinars on the CD are categorized into basic and advanced curriculum. The basic curriculum covers six seminars. The topics included in the seminars cover a wide range of nanotechnology-related products and applications. The fundamentals of how to obtain the maximum benefits from low current electrical measurements ranging from nanoamps to femtoamps is covered in one of the seminars. It describes how a perfect current measurement instrument can be chosen; what are the practical ways to minimize noise in current measurement equipments; and the method to quantify noise. The method to perform electrical resistivity measurements of bulk materials is also included.

The basics of Hall Effect measurements relating to semiconductor materials and characterization of devices form the contents of another presentation. The manipulation techniques used in the development of specific nanostructures such as nano-wires, nano-tubes, and electronic structures for electrical characterization, best practices and techniques regarding electrical characterization of printed and organic electronics that may modify the field of electronics and finally, the means to prevent self-heating effects on nanoscale devices are described. It also includes pulse testing techniques and instruments required to meet related measurement outcomes.

The advanced curriculum is divided into four seminars. Advanced particle beam techniques for nano-characterization and analysis through case studies describing the progression of nanotechnology from the industrial research background to product structure and development is covered. The next seminar describes the electronic properties of zinc-blende wurtzite biphasic gallium nitride nanowires and nanoFETs. Another presentation highlights the relationship of deformation behavior, electrical characterization, and mechanical properties of materials using conductive nanoindentation and explains the results obtained from mature materials, such as silicon, gold, and metallic glasses and from advanced materials, such as conductive metal oxides (ITO) and conductive polymers. Information is also provided about measurement needs in nano-architectonics and explains why advancement in nanoelectronics is based on electron-charge.



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