Northern Graphite’s High-Carbon Graphite to be Used for Graphene Study

Northern Graphite has consented to deliver its +32 mesh and +48 mesh extra-large-flake, high- carbon graphite to Grafen Chemical Industries for use in graphene research.

Northern Graphite has also entered into a cooperation deal with Grafen Chemical Industries to build up intellectual property rights. The company will continue to hold a 50% share in the North American patent rights to any processes and products developed by Grafen Chemical Industries.

Grafen Chemical Industries’ unique production technique manufactures high-quality graphene with significant yield. The fabrication method is an upgraded version of the traditional graphite oxide production method and eliminates all major problems such as highly disordered crystal structure of predecessor graphite, resulting in low-quality products with inferior mechanical performance and electrical conductivity.

Grafen Chemical Industries is evaluating its technique at the pilot plant or lab scale level in order to optimize its method through different formulations and raw materials. The company recognizes that Northern Graphite’s +32 mesh and +48 mesh extra large graphite flakes will be suitable for producing large area graphene and plans to use them in its process. It intends to expand its graphene synthesis method to offer materials to the research market in a near future and then into commercial scale production.

A Professor from the Chinese Academy of Sciences has already used Northern Graphite’s large flake graphite for producing graphene through the graphene oxide technique. Subsequent tests showed that graphene made of Northern Graphite’s jumbo flake is better than Chinese large flake graphite and powder in terms of size, greater transparency, lower resistance and higher electrical conductivity.


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