ARM Offers New Physical IP Solution for GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ 28-nm-SLP HKMG Process

ARM has announced that its ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore processor optimization pack (POP) is now available for the 28nm- Super Low-Power (SLP) High-K Metal Gate process technology of GLOBALFOUNDRIES.

The ARM POP 28nm-SLP for Cortex-A9 processors is energy efficient and is optimized for enterprise, networking and mobile applications. It offers a performance of up to 2 GHz in standard conditions and a performance ranging between 1 and 1.6 GHz in adverse conditions. This performance range provides more options to system-on-chip (SoC) designers to improve energy-efficiency and performance utilizing the ARM Cortex-A9 POP and ARM Artisan physical IP platform.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ 28-nm SLP platform is engineered for power-sensitive consumer and mobile applications. The company’s 32/28 nm HKMG technology is the basis of this platform. With its complete Artisan physical IP platform, ARM already backs the 28nm-SLP process of GLOBALFOUNDRIES. The Artisan physical IP platform comprises ARM Artisan high-density and high-performance optimized memory compilers, ECO kits, power management kits, process tuned 9 and 12 track multi-Vt standard cell libraries and GPIO via the ARM DesignStart online IP access portal.

ARM POPs comprise three key components essential to attain an improved ARM core implementation. First component is Artisan Physical IP memory instances and logic libraries that are specially modified for a specific ARM core and process technology. Second one is an extensive benchmarking report to record the actual results and conditions achieved by ARM for the core implementation. The last one is a POP Implementation Guide, which describes the way to obtain the result and helps the end user to attain the same implementation rapidly and at minimal risk.

According to Kevin Meyer, who serves as GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ Vice President of Design Enablement Strategy and Alliances, ARM’s this latest physical IP solution for GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ 28nm-SLP process offers energy efficiency and industry-leading performance, while also reducing market-reach time for customers producing advanced mobile products.


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