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Applied Nanotech Introduces Ultra-Strong Carbon-Nanotube Reinforced Adhesive

Applied Nanotech Holdings has introduced an ultra-strong carbon-nanotube reinforced adhesive called CNTstix for structural applications.

According to Applied Nanotech, the CNTstix adhesive demonstrates better performance when compared to competitive products. An independent laboratory testing confirmed that the new epoxy adhesive has 60% more adhesion tear strength when compared to a well-known adhesive available in the marketplace.

Applied Nanotech enhances the adhesive properties by utilizing carbon nanotubes and its proprietary dispersion and functionalization techniques. The improved CNTstix adhesives can be used in shipbuilding, consumer goods, textiles, construction remodeling and repair, footwear, electronics, automotive, sporting goods, packaging and much more. The company can offer CNTstix in different volumes, starting at one ounce. It offers CNTstix in a unique burst pouch packaging that assures a complete and proper blending of the carbon nanotube reinforced epoxy and compatible hardener.

Dr. Dongsheng Mao, who serves as Vice President of Engineering and Director of the Nanocomposite Division at Applied Nanotech, a subsidiary of Applied Nanotech Holdings, informed that the company’s patented carbon nanotube technology makes the CNTstix adhesives better than traditional adhesives. Carbon nanotubes have high strength and demonstrate novel thermal, electrical and mechanical properties.

Applied Nanotech’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Zvi Yaniv stated that the company has received positive responses from various prospective customers operating in a variety of industries due to the properties and performance of the CNTstix adhesive in their applications, including assembly of carbon fiber tubing for racing bicycles and composite assemblies for use in automotive applications. Hence, the CNTstix adhesive has huge market potential.


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