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EpiGaN Commissions AIXTRON’s Two New MOCVD Systems to Commercialize 6" GaN-on-Si Wafers

AIXTRON has reported the installation and commissioning of two new MOCVD systems that are capable of operating either in multiple 6" or 8" configuration at EpiGaN’s advanced purpose-built facility situated in Hasselt, Belgium.

EpiGaN is a start-up company producing III-Nitrides epitaxial material. The company will utilize the reactors for the commercialization of 6"GaN-on-Silicon wafers for use in a variety of power and RF electronics devices and for the development of advanced 200 mm GaN-on-Silicon wafers. AIXTRON Europe’s service support team installed and commissioned the systems at the facility.

EpiGaN’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Marianne Germain stated that the company is a spin-out of IMEC. Following the completion of its funding round, the company was ready to deploy the strategic plan for the establishment of production capacities. The company and AIXTRON have worked for years towards GaN-on-Si and based on this experience, AIXTRON’s close coupled showerhead systems are ideal to meet the company’s requirements. The EpiGaN team had exposure to AIXTRON CCS MOCVD systems when they were at IMEC and had jointly released several papers on the development of GaN-on-Si wafers. The company believes that the integration of its years of expertise and AIXTRON’s advanced process technology and equipment will efficiently address the challenges of high voltage 200 mm GaN-on-Si wafers.

AIXTRON’s Vice President and Program Manager Power Electronics, Dr. Frank Wischmeyer commented that the company is happy to collaborate with EpiGaN because it develops materials, processes and equipment for larger area GaN-on-Si wafers.


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