Energetiq Technology Completes Product Release Program for EQ-10HP 20-Watt EUV Light Source

Energetiq Technology, a company that develops and produces specialized ultrahigh-brightness light sources for sophisticated technology applications, has announced the completion of its product introduction program for a new 20 W EUV light source called the EQ-10HP.

Energetiq EQ-10HP 20-Watt EUV Light Source

Energetiq Technology's sixth unit for use in EUV masks’ actinic inspection applications is slated for shipment in Q4 of 2012. The company has proven its dominance as a key provider of steady, reliable and cost-efficient EUV sources through its EQ-10 Series, which is recognized as the workhorse EUV source for EUV inspection and metrology applications. With the launch of its new EQ-10HP, the company has extended its leadership by offering high 20-W power sources to the EUV community making actinic mask inspection products.

The EQ-10HP EUV light sources have been used in EUV mask inspection purposes for over a year. By the end of this year, six EQ-10HP units are anticipated to be delivered and deployed at customer sites across the world. The EQ-10HP EUV light source works at considerably higher input power when compared to its predecessors in the EQ-10 Series, and provides 20-W in-band EUV into 2pi steradians. The light source’s tiny, steady, inductively-driven plasma makes it suitable for EUV testing and measurement applications. It can be easily integrated into a process tool, thanks to its modular design. It features Energetiq's patented Electrodeless Z-pinch source assembly, control electronics, power delivery subsystem, and vacuum and gas subsystems.

According to Energetiq Technology’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Debbie Gustafson, the company has introduced this high power EUV light source to fulfill the requirements of its customers in the United States, Europe and Asia. Through the completion of its product release program for the EQ-10HP, the company is equipped to meet increased demand as EUV lithography ventures into the production phase.

Source: http://www.energetiq.com

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