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New-Generation Age Control Body Cream from Nanotechnology Company BIONOVA

Many people are concerned with changes in their body shape as they age. Changes related to the aging process cause structural transformation of proteins in deep layers of the skin, promoting skin dryness, reduction of skin thickness, papery look, sagginess and other typical for aging processes symptoms. The best solution is to prevent and slow down the skin structural changes.


BIONOVA's Solution
Equipped with the advanced proprietary technology, BIONOVA offers the Age Control Body Cream that helps Normalize Skin Function providing activation of Self-Healing Processes.
BIONOVA's technological advantage allows a complex approach towards factors affecting skin thickness, elasticity and skin adherence to the tissue.

Science Behind
BIONOVA utilizes latest achievements in Life Science Nanotechnology. All active ingredients are incorporated in NANO-COMPLEXES™. Each NANO-COMPLEX™ contains from 80 to 100 bioactive ingredients. It is remarkable that all these ingredients come in the same tiny quantities [nano (one billionth of a gram) and pico (one trillionth of a gram)] as found in a healthy human body.


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