Nanosonics Expands Market Reach for trophon EPR Ultrasound Probe Disinfection System

Nanosonics Limited (ASX:NAN) has expanded the market reach of its ultrasound probe disinfection system, trophon EPR, via a significant increase in the number of probes that have been assessed and certified for use with the technology.

As a result of increasing demand for the trophon EPR, Nanosonics has accelerated its probe testing and certification program. The number of trophon EPR-approved probes has almost doubled (up 92%) within six months, with 219 probes added from probe manufacturers Esaote, Hitachi - Aloka, Ultrasonix and Zonare, in addition to the extensive list of approved probes from GE, Philips, Siemens, Sonosite, Toshiba, BK Medical, and Prosonic. There are now a total of 458 approved probes and this list will continue to expand.

Dr Ron Weinberger, Chief Executive Officer of Nanosonics noted “Nanosonics now has strong engineering and commercial relationships with most of the ultrasound manufacturers at senior executive levels.” Ultrasound practitioners require probe manufacturer’s approval before they will deploy a new disinfection solution such as trophon EPR as unapproved use can void manufacturers’ warranties, which can be very costly to users.

“As more customers move away from manual disinfection methods, compatibility with trophon EPR is becoming an increasingly important purchasing consideration for ultrasound system buyers. Also, proving chemical and process compatibility between the trophon EPR and the ultrasound system is a key sales enabler. Probe manufacturers are now indicating that they need approval for use with the trophon EPR or they will lose sales.” Dr Weinberger said.

This shift in the market is further evidence that trophon EPR is emerging as the new “Standard of Care” for ultrasound probe disinfection . Probe manufacturers recognise this and have, in many cases, accelerated their efforts toward broader probe testing and approvals . Some manufacturers are currently working with Nanosonics to design new probes with features that specifically complement trophon EPR and ensure compliance with FDA regulations.

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