Gigaphoton to Begin Shipment of its Latest ArF Excimer Laser, GT64A4 in February

Gigaphoton Inc., a major lithography light source manufacturer, announced today that it will begin shipment of its newest ArF Excimer laser, GT64A4, in February.

An important feature of the GT64A4 is its open platform, capable of supporting many kinds of collaborative development efforts. It allows laser data to be easily shared and utilized by customers and partners in cooperation with Gigaphoton to develop new technologies for reducing operational costs and environmental impact. For example, a joint-development project is already underway to further reduce the gas consumption by another 50 percent. The GT64A4 is designed to be scalable to facilitate the incorporation of new technologies and features as they become available. Customers can continuously upgrade, which enables the ability to use the laser for many years to come.

The GT64A4 is also equipped with many of the features developed under Gigaphoton’s long-standing EcoPhoton™ program, including environmental and cost-friendly gas/electricity reduction technologies such as eTGM™ and eGRYCOS™, which enables an annual operating cost savings of up to 35 percent compared to previous models. It is also equipped with a new spectrum control technology capable of achieving incredibly high spectral beam stabilization to within ±5 fm (femtometers)─offering huge benefits for critical dimension (CD) stability across wafers.

“All of Gigaphoton’s strength in green technologies is concentrated into the GT64A4,” said Hitoshi Tomaru, President and CEO of Gigaphoton. “Its open innovation platform design will help to further accelerate the evolution of these technologies. The shipment of this laser is a huge milestone for Gigaphoton. Our GT64A4 laser will be used as a basis for cooperating with customers and partners to continue to develop and introduce new innovations that help optimize semiconductor factories to become more efficient and green.”

This milestone was achieved as part of a program subsidized by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

About EcoPhoton™

The EcoPhoton™ program has been defining and executing a roadmap for offering customers with environmentally and user-friendly lithography tools since 2003. This program has categorized the laser’s cost of ownership (CoO) into three categories, Cost of Consumables (CoC), Cost of Downtime (CoD) and Cost of Environment (CoE). By carefully analyzing the cost elements of each category, Gigaphoton continuously strives to introduce new technologies that will help to reduce these costs.

About Gigaphoton

Since the company’s establishment in the year 2000, Gigaphoton has developed and delivered highly reliable and high-performance DUV laser light sources to major semiconductor manufacturers worldwide.

Gigaphoton’s patented, innovative LPP EUV technology solutions lead the way to cost effective, highly productive lithography light sources for high-volume manufacturing. With a global business outlook, Gigaphoton strives to become the world’s leading lithography light source provider, focusing on customer needs in every phase of its business, from research and development to manufacturing and world-class customer support. For further information visit


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