Veeco Release New Innova Scanning Probe Microscope SPM

Veeco Instruments Inc., the world's leading provider of atomic force microscopes (AFMs) for research applications, announced today the release of its new Innova Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM) for a wide range of physical, materials and life science applications. The Innova is priced lower than similar performance SPM systems on the market and features low-noise, closed-loop scanning and high-resolution, top-down optics.

David V. Rossi, Vice President, Veeco's Nano-Bio AFM business, commented, "The Innova SPM represents a significant cost and design breakthrough in AFM technology. The resolution achieved by the Innova SPM is equal to that of AFM systems that cost many thousands more, and its full range of SPM modes brings high-quality research capability to a wide variety of applications. The compact footprint and easy tip exchange make the Innova system particularly suitable for space-limited and cost-conscious laboratories requiring advanced AFM technology."

Nasser Peyghambarian, Ph.D., Professor of Optical Sciences and Professor of Material Science and Engineering at University of Arizona, Tucson AZ, commented, "The Innova SPM was a perfect choice for our multi-user facility because of its versatility, wide selection of modes and it fit nicely into our budget. We have found the Innova SPM very easy to use for a variety of users and applications."

"With noise levels approaching those of open-loop operation and the ability to activate and deactivate closed-loop scan linearization on-the-fly, Veeco's Innova SPM can achieve atomic resolution on any portion of a full-size scan without moving the probe off the sample surface," says James Nelson, Ph.D., Veeco's Director of Product Management.

The patented top-down optics of the Innova SPM provide better than 1-micron resolution and ensure precise probe positioning on the sample. The optics are completely contained within the protective instrument cover, allowing the probe and sample to be viewed at any time while still isolating optical and electrical components from the environment. The open design of the sample stage also delivers flexibility for custom experiments. The new Innova SPMlab-V 7.0 software incorporates real-time signal diagnostics and processing options and offers direct and intuitive access to scan and feedback parameters. For a limited time, the instrument also comes complete with NanoPlot(TM), Veeco's new easy-to-use nanolithography and nanomanipulation software package.

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