Veeco Introduces TurboDisc E475 MOCVD System for R/O/Y HB-LED and Solar Applications

Veeco Instruments Inc. today announced that it has introduced its new TurboDisc E475 As/P Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) system to be used in the production of red, orange, yellow (R/O/Y) high-brightness light emitting diodes (HB-LEDs) and multi-junction III-V concentrator solar cells, primarily for space applications.

Piero Sferlazzo, Ph.D., Vice President, General Manager, Veeco MOCVD Operations, commented, "Our TurboDisc E450's ability to produce consistently high yields of premium R/O/Y LEDs and multi-junction solar cell devices with the industry's best throughput made it the top-selling MOCVD tool for these applications. Now, with our next-generation E475, Veeco continues to drive forward the MOCVD technology roadmap in high volume production of HB-LEDs and III-V concentrator solar cells. Veeco's E475 MOCVD system delivers 15% increased capacity and improved cost of ownership metrics compared to our E450. Customers can choose to purchase a new E475 or upgrade their existing E450 tools to the improved specifications, further enhancing their return on investment."

Veeco's TurboDisc As/P MOCVD tools are being adopted for cost of ownership benefits related to high volume production of solar cells, ROY HB-LEDs, laser diodes, pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistors (pHEMTs) and heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBTs). According to Dr. Sferlazzo, "Our systems offer a level of process control and reliability unmatched by competing MOCVD technologies." These technically advanced MOCVD systems feature Veeco's integrated RealTemp(R) 200 technology, enabling superior material quality and process efficiency from direct wafer temperature control, fast gas switching for strict control of interface abruptness, and vacuum load-lock automation for highest productivity.

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