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    Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (SSI) is the American subsidiary of Shimadzu Corporation, headquartered in Kyoto, Japan. Founded in 1875, Shimadzu is a $3 billion multinational corporation with three...
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    Strem Chemicals, Inc. established in 1964, is a privately–held company that manufactures and markets specialty chemicals of high purity. Its clients include academic, industrial and government...
  • News - 11 Feb 2016
    Living systems rely on a dizzying variety of chemical reactions essential to development and survival. Most of these involve a specialized class of protein molecules — the enzymes. In a...
  • Article - 10 Jul 2017
    Chinese researchers enhance microreactors with unsinkable enzyme immobilized graphene, boosting biocatalysis efficiency and enzyme reusability.
  • Article - 5 Dec 2005
    Single catalytic events of the enzyme chitosanase have been observed by measuring height fluctuations of proteins using an atomic force microscope (AFM) operated in fluid tapping mode.
  • News - 7 Jun 2022
    In an article published in the journal Analytical Chemistry, researchers utilize carbon nanopipettes to elucidate the electrocatalytic activities of a single redox enzyme. The influence of the carbon...
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    Malvern Panalytical technologies are used by scientists and engineers in a wide range of industries and organizations to solve the challenges associated with maximizing productivity, developing better...
  • Article - 13 Apr 2004
    A team at the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has caged single enzymes to create a new class of catalysts called SENs, or single enzyme nanoparticles. The nanostructure...
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    CPI is the driving force behind a number of the North East's strategic R&D initiatives. Each of CPI' programmes focuses on bringing cutting edge technology research to the region, which...
  • News - 22 Sep 2022
    Enzyme mimics based on self-assembling nanomaterials are an easy way to replicate the activities of natural enzymes. However, these enzyme mimicking nanomaterials were not used to understand the...

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