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    Strem Chemicals, Inc. established in 1964, is a privately–held company that manufactures and markets specialty chemicals of high purity. Its clients include academic, industrial and government...
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    Reinste Nano Ventures emphases the significance of purest Nanomaterials with uniform composition free from any adulterants for class research and production purposes. In Reinste Nano ventures we...
  • News - 23 Feb 2007
    Tiny acorns that fuse together in pairs to form miniature peanuts – Japanese researchers have succeeded in producing peanut-shaped nanoparticles comprised of two different sulfur-containing...
  • Article - 29 Mar 2013
    Palladium nanoparticles have found to be effective catalysts in a number of chemical reactions due toi their increased surface area over the bulk metal.
  • Article - 13 May 2011
    Palladium catalysts (0.6% Pd on carbon) offer high selectivity in alkyne hydrogenations, rivaling Lindlar's with less toxicity. #StremChemicals #46-1710
  • Article - 6 Apr 2005
    Scientists working on pellistor gas sensors have made a micromachined pellistor structure with low power consumption and a controllable catalyst structure. The production process involved the...
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    We are a global leader in the manufacture and supply of hydrogen separation and purification products based on Palladium alloy membranes. P+E supplies hydrogen purifiers for semiconductor fabs,...
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    MemPro is a private company focused on commercialization of nanofiber products. With a unique and proprietary production process, MemPro teams with customers to understand needs and create new...
  • News - 29 Jun 2012
    Researchers at Rice University have successfully conducted side-by-side tests involving palladium-gold nanoparticles and iron catalysts for removing Trichloroethene (TCE) from groundwater and have...
  • News - 30 Nov 2023
    Optoelectronics are utilized in a wide range of devices across numerous sectors, typically to detect or emit light. Historically, small transistors—small semiconductors constructed of...

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