Malvern NanoSight NS300 - Multi-faceted Nanoparticle Analysis

Malvern NanoSight NS300 - Multi-faceted Nanoparticle Analysis

The NanoSight NS300 nanoparticle tracking analysis system is capable of visualizing and measuring particles in suspension in the size range of 10-2000nm. It is suitable for analysis of particles labeled with fluorescent quantum dots and addresses the needs of a wide range of applications including exosome and microvesicle research, protein aggregation, and drug delivery systems.

This NS300 offers multi-faceted analysis and incorporates a motorized filter wheel and a rheology feature that can measure viscosity in the range of 0-5 centipoise. The instrument also includes new features, such as a high sensitivity CMOS camera, a choice of laser block, and temperature control. It complements the NanoSight range of instruments and proves suitable for nanoparticle analysis without affecting quality or functionality.

Key Features

The main features of the NanoSight NS300 are:

  • Multi-faceted analysis
  • Compact and easy to use
  • High sensitivity CMOS camera
  • A choice of laser block
  • Temperature control
  • Removable top plate and laser module block enable easy cleaning and assembly
  • Top plate comes with replaceable sample chamber


The applications of the NanoSight NS300 are:

  • Protein aggregation studies
  • Fluorescently labeled particles
  • Exosomes and microvesicles
  • Ceramic and metallic nanoparticles
  • Pharmaceutical nanoparticles - liposomes
  • Cosmetics and foodstuffs
  • Nanoparticles in fuels and oils
  • Wear debris in lubricants
  • Chemical mechanical polishing slurries

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