Zyvex Announces New IC Probing Application for Semiconductor Yield Improvement - New Product

Zyvex Corporation today announced a breakthrough probing application for integrated circuit (IC) defect analysis. Zyvex enables rapid-response semiconductor device failure analysis at the contact level for better, faster, and cheaper IC development - features that are critical to the highly-competitive semiconductor industry.

Zyvex's new IC probing application is targeted directly to the semiconductor industry. Distinguishing features include: Contact level probing (90 and 65 nanometer nodes); installation in both scanning electron microscopes and focused ion beam systems; 5 nanometer movement control; low contact resistance (400 ohm); stable, accurate IV measurements; low noise (1pA measurement capability); and a contamination control system. Zyvex is so confident of its IC probing advantages, it offers to test customers' sample devices, present results, and prove the benefits.

"This new application is targeted at semiconductor firms looking for a competitive advantage in the development of next generation chips," said Zyvex President, Thomas A. Cellucci, Ph.D., MBA. "We have leapfrogged the current competition by offering a solution that's easy to install, quick to produce results and payback, and enhances the equipment that companies already have. Global semiconductor firms can't afford to be without this application if they want to stay ahead of the pack."

The new IC100 Probing application is an integral part of Zyvex's mission of providing flexible, automated manufacturing at ever decreasing size scales.

Posted 2nd April 2004

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