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Aerotech Releases Catalog on Nano Motion Technology and Related Products

Pittsburgh-based Aerotech, a company that develops and produces motion control and positioning systems, recently unveiled its Nano Motion Technology catalog that lists its long-travel nanopositioners.

The devices will be used in applications that need accurate nanometer and sub-arc-second readings. They will be ideal for use in laboratories as well as in industrial environments.

The catalog describes nanopositioning and explains its application in materials, bearings, magnetics, feedback devices, electronics, motion controllers, advanced software, test and metrology, and calibration. After this technical discussion of the mechatronic design principle following the development of nanopositioners, the catalog lists the technological stages giving detailed specifications and CADs, calling for information and more.

Products such as single- and dual-axis linear nanopositioners with 1nm resolution, ±250nm accuracy, and travels from 25mm to 160mm; rotary nanopositioners with 0.01 arc-second resolution, 0.005 arc-second in-position stability, and 360° continuous rotation were listed in the catalog. Also listed were goniometers, vertical lift and ‘Z’ stages. A study of motion controllers and drives based on the nanopositioning technology has also been included in the catalog.


Published on March 10, 2011 at 5:58 AM