Orthovita Receive Patent for Nano - Biomaterials - New Technology

It was announced today that Orthovita, a biomaterials manufacturer has been granted a U.S. patent for its fine particle synthesis or nano-structured technology.

The patent covers 12 new claims for the production and use of the unique minerals and biomaterials. It also provides additional patent protection to the core solution-based chemistry technology utilised in the development of Vitoss(TM). Vitoss is a calcium phosphate based material used for filling voids in cancellous bone.

"This patent further protects our efficient technique for producing homogeneous ceramics," said Dr. Erik Erbe, Vice President, Research and Development of Orthovita. The techniques described in the patent provide exacting control over production parameters enabling excellent control over product structure, purity, and yield and are incorporated into the Vitoss product. The technology also allows cells and signaling molecules, such as growth factors, to absorb our material so that the body can effectively remodel it into natural bone over time."

Posted January 22nd, 2002

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