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Zyvex Corporation, a leader in nanotechnology products and services, today announced four new product releases: Zyvex Dried Film™ (ZDF) Carbon Nanotube Solutions, Zyvex Microgrippers, Zyvex NanoSharp™ Probes, and Zyvex MEMulator™ Software.

Zyvex’s materials and process engineering technology leverages the revolutionary discovery of carbon-based nanostructures with high-volume, composite material production techniques. Zyvex Dried Film (ZDF) removes the “processing bottleneck” for carbon nanotubes — enabling a wealth of new applications. Zyvex’s patent-pending technology disperses and suspends carbon nanotubes in common solvents with unsurpassed concentration and dispersion. ZDF dissolves in common organic solvents and easily mixes with a variety of other materials, creating high-performance composites.

“ZDF is just the beginning of a series of innovative, market-driven nanomaterials,” noted James Von Ehr, Zyvex Chairman and CEO. “Our understanding of current and future research and development needs allows Zyvex to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage in new product commercialization.”

Zyvex Microgrippers and NanoSharp™ Probes are the newest members of the Zyvex family of micro- and nanomanipulation systems that comprise flexible, cost-effective, modular R&D tools that are compatible with scanning electron microscopes (SEMs), transmission electron microscopes (TEMs), focused ion beam systems (FIBs), optical microscopes, and probe stations.

Zyvex’s commercially successful S100 Nanomanipulator System allows for interchangeability of modular sample/structure carriers, combined with interchangeable NanoEffector™ tools, providing a wide suite of experimental options — whether the aim is to study meso, micro, nano, or molecular based structures.

Zyvex’s patented microgripper systems are active, micromachined silicon structures for micro- and nanoscale research, development, and production applications. With up to 50 micrometers of tip actuation available, these grippers are capable of manipulating microcomponents with features as large as 500 micrometers to below one micrometer.

Zyvex NanoSharp Probes facilitate research and development in nanoscale electrical and mechanical systems. The proprietary probes let researchers manipulate multi-wall and single-wall carbon nanotubes and nanoparticles. Zyvex NanoSharp Probes have a tip radius of less than 10 nanometers and are capable of manipulating multi-and single-wall carbon nanotubes and nanoparticles. When used in Zyvex’s S100 Nanomanipulator System, NanoSharp probes can be used to perform four-probe electrical characterization of a carbon nanotube bundle.

Zyvex’s Chief Operating Officer, Thomas A. Cellucci, Ph.D., MBA noted: “The launch of these products demonstrates our leadership position in developing real-world, practical nanotechnology solutions. All of these product offerings are the direct result of listening to our customers. We anticipate that our micro- and nanomanipulation systems will become the tools of choice for research and development platforms. We are already responding to inquiries from potential users in academia, government, and industries around the world who demand flexible, high-value scientific tools.”

Zyvex MEMulator™ Software is a 3D process emulation and rendering engine that was licensed to Coventor, Inc. in September 2003. MEMulator was built on Zyvex’s patent pending algorithms, including compression, for volume element (voxel) techniques. MEMulator handles large and complex problems efficiently and creates realistic 3D models.

Cellucci continued, “Over the past six years, Zyvex has developed unique capabilities in 3D MEMS and assembly. Through Coventor, we will continue to commercialize these software capabilities, enabling customers to accelerate their MEMS development. Our companies’ products and marketing philosophies are very complementary, and we have already seen positive market feedback from this relationship.”

MEMulator was developed and used by Zyvex to help design precision microscale equipment for nanotechnology and microtechnology manufacturers. It allows designers to realistically create virtual prototypes of microsystems, circumventing time-consuming and expensive prototype manufacturing cycles. MEMulator includes powerful scripting capabilities for user control.

These products are an integral part of Zyvex’s mission of providing flexible, automated manufacturing at ever decreasing size scales.

Posted 2nd October 2003


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