QinetiQ Nanomaterials and BOC to Form Nanomaterials Alliance - News Item

BOC and QinetiQ Nanomaterials have formed an alliance to develop nanomaterials production capabilities at QinetiQ. Under the terms of the agreement, BOC will supply QinetiQ with pure argon, other industrial gases critical to the production process and a compressed dry air supply scheme for its nanomaterials production facility. This will be commissioned later this month and is located at QinetiQ's Farnborough site.

Paul Reip, Managing Director of QinetiQ Nanomaterials, said, ‘The capabilities of this technology have been proven, and hold significant promise for the future. This alliance with BOC will help QinetiQ Nanomaterials to achieve its aims of bringing advanced nanomaterials in significant quantities to the marketplace, and to develop new applications based on those materials.’

Ian Spiller, BOC’s Combustion and Development Group Manager, said, ‘The production process will rely on the highest-quality raw materials and BOC has an excellent record for quality and consistency. BOC and QinetiQ nanomaterials will be looking for opportunities to extend the alliance in future to establish nanomaterials as a reality.’

The number of commercial applications for nanotechnology is vast. Several of the key application areas that are already being exploited, or will be within the next five years, include:

•        Drug delivery systems, in which nanoparticles can determine the reactivity rate, the location and timing of drugs

•        Anti-corrosion coatings

Cosmetics and UV protection gels in which nanoparticles can influence flow characteristics and mechanical properties plus the absorption rates of harmful radiation.

Posted August 2002

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