Nanotechnology Ink and Dispersion Patent Awarded to NanoProducts - News Item

NanoProducts Corporation has announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awarded it a key nanotechnology patent relating to inks and dispersions. US Patent Number 6,602,595 entitled “Nanotechnology for inks and dopants” was issued to NanoProducts on August 5, 2003 and extends the portfolio of US patents related to dispersion technology already awarded to NanoProducts.

Inks are complex products, and their manufacture and use often require demanding technology for performance applications. While inks and dispersions are commonly used in a wide range of printing applications, they are also used in optics and electronics, device fabrication, drug delivery, product labeling, currency, high security, product tracing and authenticity applications.

Often inks contain high performance additives, phosphors, magnetic, radiation-sensitive or other powders. Such applications often require complex powder additives and sophisticated ink and dispersion formulation technology.

Recent developments in nanotechnology are beginning to offer novel opportunities to enable inks with superior performance. Novel inks are also being targeted for new products. As ink customers, numerous other industrial applications require stable particle dispersions to simplify processing, reduce costs, and increase long-term reliability. NanoProducts announced that it has added additional product lines derived from PüreNano nanoparticles as dispersions and inks. Both sample sizes of 10-100 liters and larger commercial quantities are available with low and high nanoparticle loadings. Illustrative inks and dispersions available from NanoProducts include doped and undoped dielectrics, conductive and magnetic compositions, pigments, cosmetic compositions, coating materials, electrochemical materials and rare earths. Both regular and high purity nanoparticles are available as dispersions in water, polar or non-polar organic solvents.

NanoProducts also disclosed that some of the benefits of its nanoscale material dispersions has already been validated, confirmed and publicly reported by independent third parties. This includes NanoProducts’ PüreNano nanoparticle dispersions can be used to print patterned layers of functional materials for flat panel displays such as active matrix liquid crystal displays, plasma displays, electroluminescent displays, organic light emitting displays, and field emission displays.

Posted 3rd September 2003

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