Nanoparticle Additives Improve Polymer Performance - New Product

NanoProducts Corporation announced the commercial availability of nanoparticle additives with demonstrated performance for polymers.

Polymers are widely used in numerous applications. There is a constant effort amongst leading companies to identify ways to enhance the performance of polymers and thereby serve new markets with value-added products. Recent developments in nanotechnology are increasingly being considered by such companies to enable products and components that are difficult or impossible to achieve. A key challenge to widespread adoption of nanotechnology in this market is the ability to manufacture consistently small, non-agglomerated nanoparticles that can be homogeneously distributed in polymers or coatings to produce nanocomposites that remain transparent and yet offer significantly enhanced properties. NanoProducts announced that its PüreNanoTM family of nanoparticles with simple and complex composition have been successfully demonstrated to achieve such performance.

In US Patents 6552111, 6518353, 6498208 and 6441077 issued in favor of Eastman Kodak, NanoProducts notes the successful demonstration and use of its PüreNano alkali earth-based sub-20 nanometer sized particles to prepare uniform polymer nanocomposites that exhibit significantly superior optical properties. The polymers referred to in these patents include polystyrenes, polysulfones, polyolefins, polyacrylates, etc. These nanocomposites are suggested to be particularly useful for fabricating transparent plastic lenses with cost and performance benefits otherwise unachievable.

Dr. Tapesh Yadav, NanoProducts’ Chairman and CEO, commented “our patented commercial-scale process allows NanoProducts to produce nanoparticles of various compositions. As demonstrated by the insightful work of the Eastman Kodak team, leading companies are selecting and using our nanoparticles to develop and commercialize superior coatings and polymer composites. We are seeing increased interest from various polymer and resin-products companies in our successfully demonstrated and independently validated nanoparticles, dispersions and related technologies. We expect coatings and polymer composites built upon our patented technologies and proprietary know-how to become a competitive advantage for market leaders.”

Posted 30th June 2003

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