Latest Thermo Scientific Microanalysis Technology Available through ISS - News Item

The ISS Group are pleased to announce the UK availability of the latest microanalysis technology from Thermo Scientific: the NORAN System SIX, the simplest instrument on the market to get microscopists to their final answer in the shortest possible time.

The NORAN System SIX includes a set of tools exclusively designed for Spectral Imaging data. These include automated acquisition parameters which eliminate guesswork and trial-and-error data collection. Quantitative X-ray mapping produces richer elemental distribution data while COMPASS multivariate statistical analysis software produces "pure" components. Other software components include Xphase which analyzes X-ray data to produce phase distributions and Spectral Match which matches spectral data with known alloys and compounds.

Combining these tools provides a comprehensive analysis of the sample's composition, not just in terms of elemental distribution (x-ray maps), but as a complete representation of the sample's composition including the identification of compounds and alloys.

Posted July 2007

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