Cobalt Magnetic Fluid - Features and Properties of Cobalt Magnetic Fluid in Kerosene with AOT and LP4 by Strem Chemicals

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Properties of Cobalt Magnetic Fluid
Storage of Cobalt Magnetic Fluid


Since its inception, Strem Chemicals has focused on offering unique organometallic compounds for both academic and industrial research purposes. Close relationships with leading researchers in the field have enabled Strem to stay abreast of the latest scientific advances in and regularly add novel chemicals to our product portfolio. Most recently, Strem Chemicals has embraced the emerging area of nanotechnology and formed a collaboration with the Max-Planck-Institut fuer Kohlenforschung. A series of including metal nanoclusters, metal nanocolloids (organosols and hydrosols), metal nanopowders, metal nanoparticles, and magnetic fluids are now available from Strem Chemicals.

Properties of Cobalt Magnetic Fluid

The physical and chemical properties of Cobalt Magnetic Fluid are outlined in the following table.

MDL Number


Color and Form

black fluid

Mean Particle Size

ca. 10 nm


cobalt magnetic fluid: 8-10%, kerosene: 90-99%, Sodium dioctylsulfosuccinate: <1%


characteristic fuel oil odor

Solubility in Water


Storage of Cobalt Magnetic Fluid

Cobalt Magnetic Fluid should be stored in a tightly sealed container under an inert atmosphere of nitrogen or argon. Keep away from heat and open flame.

Source Strem Chemicals.

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