Argentinean Foundation of Nanotechnology

Daniel Lupi, FAN, President, Viamonte 920, 2ª P, Buenos Aires, 1053ABT Argentina, Ph/Fx+5411 43289139, [email protected]

Argentinean Foundation of Nanotechnology (in Spanish: FAN –Fundación Argentina de Nanotecnología) is an innovative tool oriented to directly and actively participate in promoting innovation in the area of micro and nanotechnology, in our production. Nanotechnology is very recent and invasive.

Thus, the obvious production paradigm change is impossible to ignore, especially when our country has reached a remarkable scientific level in this field. In this context, to the set of supporting and funding actions that MINCyT unfolds, through the National Agency for Promotion of Science and Technology, joins FAN for the case of micro and nanotechnology, with specific actions allowing jumping so-called “death valley” appearing between research and innovation on the market or in society, ultimate beneficiary of any state intervention.

For this, FAN is a strategy of support and funding of market niches in a “case by case” way, this means: within a general frame, each case is unique.

The incubation like project of the Foundation called "From Labs to Industry ", is oriented to funding gradually in a direct way in the development of a practical idea that emerged from a scientific work of high level, where the researcher has at all times the option of participating directly as an entrepreneur and businessman or participate as a developer from idea to a prototype that demonstrates its actual feasibility. In all cases the FAN provides a "coacher" that will complement the technical development with the commercial practicalities.

Orienting the project to the market and by seeking to consolidate a business plan to achieve convergence, at the end of this stage, the technical success with a significant market or a important social need satisfaction.

The project will cover at least 20 initiatives, which will be invested up to U.S.$ 1.300.000. The estimate of 20 projects is necessary to comply with the very low rate of success expected in initiatives of high risk, such as those considered.

Nanotechnology diffusion is another key objective, that helps both the promotion of companies and initiatives that are financed, since the hermetic language produce adverse effects that delay its use in Argentine. Summarily the difussion actions organized and financed by the Foundation are:

  • "NANOMERCOSUR 2011Industrial fair and International Congress ", a biannual activity that gather the institutions and companies of country and the region as well as researchers and entrepreneurs to present national and foreign experiences and applications of nanotechnology as well as the generation of partnerships and agreements among organizations interested in the topic.
  • "Who is Who in Nanotechnology in Argentine", a book with resumes, firms and organizations in the country with direct activities in nanotechnology
  • "Nanotecnólogos for a day" a contest for secondary students to perform a monograph on the subject, and the best works allow the young authors visit for a day as a guest of honour and guided by the best scientists, sophisticated laboratories for micro and nanotechnology of the Argentina.

The facts show that our country must rely on an diversified economy to reach a better income distribution and this worldwide crisis can become an opportunity to base development in the very important intellectual capital disposal.

The logical convergence between the micro, nano and biotechnology should lead to multidisciplinary scientific-technological training to identify opportunities in its earliest stage.


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