The Evaluation of Nanomaterials for Theranostics Applications

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Sample Preparation
RJ Lee Group’s Expertise
     In-Vivo Drug Delivery
     Quality Control
Case Study: CNT-Based Biosensor Analysis
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Theranostics is a combination of diagnostics and therapeutics. To advance theranostics, validating the attributes of nanomaterials utilized in the delivery of diagnostic and therapeutic agents is important. Assessing the attributes of nanomaterials reduces the risk of potential consequences. With its capability of engineered nanomaterial analysis, RJ Lee Group helps customers to check whether their nanomaterials meet specifications.

Sample Preparation

Sample preparation plays a key role in characterizing nanomaterials as it directly facilitates or hinders their analysis. RJ Lee Group inspects each sample to identify the sample preparation technique required for obtaining the highest quality images. The company develops and establishes tailored techniques and protocols when standard sample preparation techniques are not satisfactory.


RJ Lee Group uses instruments such as the Hitachi HD-2300 scanning transmission electron microscope and the Hitachi S-5500 ultra-high resolution scanning electron microscope for the analysis and imaging of nanomaterials. Using these sophisticated instruments, the company’s experts can explore nanomaterials to identify their properties and quality attributes produced.

RJ Lee Group’s Expertise

RJ Lee Group has the capability to analyze nanomaterials including carbon nanotubes (CNTs), silver nanoparticles, titanium dioxide, gold nanoparticles/nanorods, catalyst materials, coatings, quantum dots, carbon black, and medical device wear debris. It can also determine various nano properties including elemental composition, agglomeration tendencies, particle morphology, particle shape and particle size distribution. Secondary electron images of 50-nm-diameter gold nanoparticles that exhibit agglomeration tendencies are shown in the figure.

Secondary electron images of gold nanoparticles, 50 nm in diameter, exhibiting agglomeration tendencies.


By analyzing and imaging product components at the nanoscale, RJ Lee Group can validate size, morphology and distribution to facilitate the combined delivery of diagnostic and therapeutic agents.

In-Vivo Drug Delivery

By confirming surface coating and agglomeration tendencies of nanomaterials for in-vivo drug delivery, RJ Lee Group helps customers to ensure surface morphology and size for optimal performance of their compounds.

Quality Control

Using RJ Lee Group’s characterization and imaging services, customers can confirm quality and assess designed or purchased nanomaterials. The company can serve as dedicated QC authentication to customers by providing environmental sampling, monitoring and control measures as an integral part of the production process

Case Study: CNT-Based Biosensor Analysis

A CNT-based biosensor’s performance relies on the attached biological receptor such as an antibody or enzyme and the transducer such as a CNT film. Nanoscale analysis not only provides information about the morphology and distribution of the CNT film but also about the location of receptors utilized in the biosensors.

In the CNT-based biosensor analysis, the biological receptors were attached to gold nanoparticles to facilitate the visualization of the receptors on the CNT film. Before this analysis, the characterization of the gold nanoparticles was done for determining the size, shape and morphology. It is necessary to perform preliminary characterization of the gold nanoparticles for the identification of the location and density of the receptors on the CNT film.

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For nearly 30 years, RJ Lee Group, Inc. has excelled at providing analytical services, technical consulting, information management, and expert testimony in materials characterization and forensic engineering. Our services are sought by leading organizations in academia, industry, and government. Clients choose RJLG because of our reputation as an innovative solutions firm that is reliable, ethical, and committed to quality. The end result is outstanding customer satisfaction.

RJ Lee Group applies the most appropriate and efficient testing methods to deliver scientific resolution for a wide range of industries.Using state-of-the-art analytics, our multidisciplinary staff addresses diverse needs — including regulatory compliance, quality control, materials R&D, industrial hygiene and environmental health and safety.

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