Nanotechnology in Louisiana, USA: Market Report

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Louisiana is located in the southern region of the United States. It covers a total area of 135,382 km2 and had a reported population of 4,574,836 in 2011.

Tourism and culture play a significant role in the state’s economy as these two areas earn revenues amounting to about $5.2 billion every year. Louisiana’s agricultural production also contributes significantly to the economic sector. The industrial sector contributes to the state’s economy by generating petroleum, chemical and coal products, transportation equipment, processed foods and paper products. Louisiana’s 2010 GSP was US$213.6 billion and its per capita income is $30,952.

Louisiana is home to strong traditional industries, such as petrochemicals and shipbuilding, as well as newer growth industries with strong foundations in technology and research. The state provides a good location for advanced manufacturing businesses to locate through competitive business costs, a business friendly tax environment, established and skilled workforce and a strong university program providing innovative research opportunities. They also have a strong composites manufacturing presence, producing one-third of all composites manufactured in the US and have strong links to NASA through the National Center for Advanced Manufacturing

Nanotechnology Companies

The major nanotechnology-related company in Louisiana is listed below along with a brief introduction:

Nano Pulp and Paper, LLC - The Nano Pulp and Paper LLC is Louisiana Tech University Spin-off Company. Nano Pulp and Paper offer the following services:

  • Customized nano-coated pulps
  • Nano-coating of paper and other wood products
  • Analytical characterization of samples of pulp, paper and wood products
  • Permeability modifications
  • Development of ultra-thin polymer coatings
  • Drug nano-coating and microencapsulation
  • Training personal
  • Supply of materials

Nanotechnology Research and Education

Some of the leading academic institutes in Louisiana offering courses and research programs in nanoscience and nanotechnology are listed below:

Louisiana Tech University - Offers nanotechnology-based research through the following nanotechnology-based programs and facilities:

  • Research Programs
    • Molecular Science and Nanotechnology Program that focuses in interdisciplinary applied research in nanotechnology and micromanufacturing.
    • Nanosystems Engineering Program
    • B.S. in Nanosystems Engineering
    • Ph.D. in Engineering program that covers the areas dealing with Micro/Nanoscale Systems Concentration.
  • Louisiana Tech University Institute for Micromanufacturing (IfM): A research and development facility that supports research on micromanufacturing and nanomanufacturing and also on education and commercialization of micro/nano scale technologies. The different nanomanufacturing capabilities include:
    • Nanopatterning techniques
    • Nanoassembly techniques
    • Protein nanoengineering techniques
    • Electroless deposition techniques
  • IFM’s research thrust areas are given below:
    • Nanotechnology research thrust area: Concentrates on the development and usage of nanoassembly and nanofabriciation methods.
    • Biomedical nanotechnology research thrust area: Develops nanotechnology-based systems for biomedical applications and also for use in drug delivery systems and glucose sensors.
  • Micro/Nanosystems Teaching Laboratory: Supports a microfabrication laboratory course for students pursuing a Masters degree and also supports the recently initiated B.S. in Nanosystems Engineering degree.

Louisiana State University: Promotes nanotechnology-based study and research through the below mentioned facility.

  • Nanofabrication and Nanomaterials Facility: Conducts nanotechnology-based research on the following topics:
    • Magnetic nanomaterials for cancer diagnosis
    • Polymer micro reactors for synthesis of nanomaterials
    • Core-shell nanoparticles and nanostructured mesoporous materials
    • Novel ‘nano’ drug delivery systems
    • Time resolved in situ XAS with unprecedented resolution using micro reactors
    • Characterization of electronic and geometric properties of nanomaterials by x-ray absorption spectroscopy.

Recent Developments

A private company called Jupiter Fuels in collaboration with Louisiana Tech University developed a fuel conversion technology that will likely help reduce the United States dependency on oil from other countries. This new technology that converts natural gas to liquid fuel at lower pressures using nanomaterial catalysts is a lot more economical in comparison to currently available methods.

Researchers from Louisiana Tech University and University of Texas at Arlington have recently developed a hybrid nanomaterial that can convert heat and light into electricity. This new nanomaterial along with microchips can be used in biomedical implants, low-power electronic devices and self-powered sensors.

These developments can all be applied to the field of clean technology which according to McKinsey & Co is gaining momentum nationwide, with Louisiana potentially generating 90,000 new jobs over the next 20 years.

While there is nanotechnology activity in Louisiana, it appears that levels are still quite low. Clean technology may be an area of great potential, but use of nanomaterials in composites could also be an area of nanotechnology growth in the future given the commercial value of these materials in Louisiana.


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