Manganese Iron Oxide (MnFe2O4) Nanoparticles - Properties, Applications

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Researchers are exploring ways to use nanoparticles in multiple applications across various fields such as biology, physics, chemistry, pharmaceutical drug manufacture, polymer science, toxicology, cosmetics, optical components, and mechanical engineering.

This article discusses the properties and applications of manganese iron oxide nanoparticles. Manganese is a Block D, Period 4 element, iron is a Block D, Period 4 element, and oxygen is a Block P, Period 2 element. Manganese is found in braunite, psilomelane, pyrolusite, and rhodochrosite, while iron is found in the minerals hematite and magnetite.

Manganese iron oxide nanoparticles appear in a green powder form.

Chemical Properties

The chemical properties of manganese iron oxide nanoparticles are outlined in the following table.

Chemical Data
Chemical symbol MnFe2O4
CAS No. 1344-43-0
Group Manganese 7
Iron 8
Oxygen 16
Electronic configuration Manganese [Ar] 3d54s2
Iron [Ar] 3d64s2
Oxygen [He] 2s2 2p4
Chemical Composition
Element Content (%)
Manganese 23.8
Iron 48.4
Oxygen 27.8

Physical Properties

The physical properties of manganese iron oxide nanoparticles are given in the following table.

Properties Metric Imperial
Molar mass 70.94 g/mol -


The key application of manganese iron oxide nanoparticles is as a catalyst to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC) levels in air emissions to parts per billion (ppb).

Source: AZoNano


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