Qtracker 655 Kit Introduced by Quantum Dot Corporation - New Product

Quantum Dot Corporation (QDC) has announced a new addition to its nanocrystal-based family of fluorescent labels: the Qtracker™ 655 Kit for loading Qdot™ nanocrystals into live cells.

The Qtracker 655 Kit is the first in a new line of labeling reagents designed for introducing Qdot nanocrystal-based fluorochromes into live cells. The Qtracker kit utilizes custom-targeting peptides to deliver the extremely bright Qdot™ nanocrystals to the cytoplasm. Once inside the cells, the Qdot nanocrystals provide highly photostable fluorescence that doesn't bleach over time or under extensive, continuous illumination and observation.

"The Qtracker 655 Kit is an excellent tool for long-term studies of migration, motility, morphology and many other characteristics where the cell must be observed over time, even through several generations of cell division," explains Charlie Hotz, QDC’s director of labels R&D.

QDC says Qtracker quantum dots are easy to use in powerful experimental designs because they do not add unwanted autofluorescence, are not transferred to adjacent cells in the population and display excellent retention properties. Qdot nanocrystals are inert and nontoxic to all tested cell types. They may be still observed in cells a week or more after transfection.

Posted 15th December 2003

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