Zyvex Expands Nanomanipulation Product Line - New Product

Zyvex Corporation has announced the A100 Assembly System, a manipulation and assembly tool which can be used with either a scanning electron or optical microscope to assemble microscale components.

"The A100 Assembly System represents a significant product line extension for Zyvex," said Robert Folaron, Director of Product Development at Zyvex. "Customers will not only benefit from Zyvex's industry leading nanomanipulation capabilities for assembling complex MEMS structures, but will also benefit from the microassembly techniques we've developed through our NIST-ATP program."

The system was developed for MEMS/Microcomponent assembly for the Zyvex NIST-ATP project, "Assemblers for Nanotechnology Applications and Manufacturing: Enabling the Nanotechnology Era." The A100 features two positioners that grasp, move, test, and optimally position microscale components. One positioner has four degrees of freedom; the other has three. Zyvex will demonstrate the system at IEEE MEMS 2004 in the Netherlands on January 27, 2004.

"Zyvex's commercialization capabilities continue to demonstrate our leadership position in developing real-world, practical nanotechnology solutions," said Zyvex President Thomas A. Cellucci, Ph.D., MBA. "We're moving into 2004 with a prestigious list of satisfied global customers in academia, government, and industry and will be making even more product announcements in January."

The A100 Assembly System is an integral part of Zyvex's mission of providing flexible, automated manufacturing at ever decreasing size scales.

Posted 25th December 2003


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